Saturday, 14 November 2009

Aanvad Daimy's Princess

Well lovely Aanvads Daimy's Princess UK (litter) has returned to the show ring after some time. She is the 2008 BOB from Crufts and also the 2008 Club Winner in the UK. She was shown at a Scottish Championship show and I think the critique says it all.

"Hosie’s Annvad Daimys Princess Beautiful 4 year old blonde bitch. Judged her before as a puppy and loved her then. She has since matured into a stunning adult both standing and moving. Her head is feminine with the darkest of eye, her pigmentation is good, her lips beautifully fitting. Correct jaw, with small neat ears. Her shoulders gentle slope back and continue into strong long straight top line, with loose flowing tail held correctly. Super blonde shading. She glides around the ring with her head held high on the neatest of tiny feet, very much in tune with her master. Star quality, what more can I say. BB & BOB"

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